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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile website design, responsive webdesign agencyYou only have to look around you to see that mobile devices play an increasingly integral role in our modern lives. As a business owner or a marketing director, it’s crucial to ensure that you are able to tap into the trend of promoting your business on the go. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly in 2019, there’s every chance that you could lose out. If you’re looking to boost sales and increase profits, here are some tips to take advantage of the mobile market.

What exactly does mobile-friendly mean?

Have you ever tried to watch a video or open a page on your phone and found that it takes an age, the text is all over the shop or the content won’t load? If so, you’ve probably come across sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Mobile web design is undertaken with mobile users in mind. It involves creating pages that look the business and work efficiently across platforms. You should be able to open a page on your mobile without worrying about compromising on quality or waiting around to access the content you need.

How can you tell if your website is mobile-friendly?

It’s always beneficial to step into the shoes of a customer when you’re analysing your website. Open pages on your mobile or tablet, and see what you think. Are you impressed, or are you struggling to do or see things that work like a dream on your desktop? Another great way to test your site is using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, which takes less than a minute to determine whether or not your site makes the grade. If there is room for improvement, it’s worth investing time and money in mobile web development.

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The importance of going mobile?

In 2016, mobile browsing overtook desktop use for the first time, and this is a trend that is only going to grow in the future. Globally, there are more than 5 billion mobile phones in circulation. Today, more than 60% of Google searches are carried out on mobile devices, and statistics show that people who browse on the go are more likely to make purchases. Only 15% of desktop users purchase products once a week, compared to 35% of mobile users. Having a mobile-friendly site can also improve your search ranking and enhance the user experience. Google figures suggest that 61% of web users wouldn’t use a site again if they had trouble accessing pages first time around. The last thing you want as a marketer or a business owner is to attract consumers to your website and then lose them because your site isn’t up to scratch.

What is different about mobile browsing?

When you open a browser on your desktop, the screen is usually a lot larger and the page is designed for precise movements dictated by the clicking of the mouse. With mobile browsing, the screen is considerably smaller, and it’s more difficult to navigate using a finger or a thumb than a cursor. Mobile-friendly pages often have a simpler layout without all the headers and sidebars that are found on desktop sites. The aim is to provide a seamless, swift, straightforward browsing experience, which enables the user to access the site, navigate the pages and achieve their objective within a matter of seconds. If you’re selling products online, for example, you want the customer to be able to find the item, add it to their basket, pay, and complete the order as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

With mobile browsing increasingly commonplace, it’s crucial to be able to tap into this trend to benefit your business.

At Digital Shadow, we provide companies with beautiful, modern and highly functional websites, which are fully response on any device and, of course, mobile-friendly.

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