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Why every business in the UK needs to optimise their website for Google?

Search Engine Optimisation, when done correctly with the right tools and the right people, can be an enormous benefit to your business and product offerings.

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It’s the goal of every business to grow and make money. Otherwise, what’s the point of going into business? But in the age of digital information, businesses in the UK and all across the globe find it becomes absolutely necessary to make online presence strategies part of an overall successful business plan. A business’s online presence is everything from its website to social media channels, to business profiles, and other digital marketing channels. These tools help a business showcase what it does, where it provides service, the hours, prices, products, and much more information to bring in potential customers. But none of that will matter if no one can find that information when they type in a search on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has become much more mainstream in recent years. Many businesses have discovered the importance of their online presence and want to improve it. But just because SEO is popular doesn’t mean just anyone can do it. Quite the contrary: not that many SEO agencies have all the tools, know-how and capabilities, so you must choose wisely. But on the long run, SEO is the best thing that ever happened to your website.

Besides the fact that those agencies that are really good at it aren’t that many, those that are tend to be costly – as SEO, when done right, consists of an ongoing set of strategies constantly applied, tweaked and improved over a period of time, aimed at reaching specific goals for your business. This requires from your SEO specialist a highly proactive approach, an up to date set of techniques and a type of mindset that is used with flexibility and creativity. In any case, due to its ever increasing importance in the online ecosystem, SEO is a must for every business in 2019.

Properly optimising your website and starting efficient SEO campaigns takes the right expertise. SEO takes a lot of continuous work to be successful. You have many options to consider when wanting to add SEO to your marketing strategies, even if you don’t have the bandwidth to fulfill on the SEO tasks in-house. Outsourcing to an SEO-specific agency such as Digital Shadow is a great option for many who want to benefit from all the goodies SEO generates – brand awareness, organic traffic, quality leads, product sales – as an integral part of any solid marketing strategy for your company.

But before we can talk about the best ways to add SEO to your website, we first need to talk about what it is and why it’s beneficial for your business in 2019.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a website’s online presence. That means when someone searches for a dentist in their area, the dental practice that comes up first in the search results has performed the best search engine optimisation. In fact, those top results you see on the first page of Google have the most optimised websites. Reaching the first page takes a lot of work and an extensive process, requiring consistent effort over many months. SEO improves a website’s rankings over time until it reaches the top.

SEO tells searchers (potential customers) and search engines who you are, what you do, where you’re located, and why you’re the best in your field. Adweek reports 81% of people conduct an internet search about a product or service before making a purchase. Search engines like Google like to show results with user intent in mind, so they use algorithms that help the search engine deliver the results searchers look for. So if your client’s website isn’t optimised for the search engine algorithms, they will miss out on potential customers and new business.

SEO work is performed through two channels: onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation. Offsite optimisation is done by creating useful content and business profiles that users will share, ideally linking back to your site. Search engines evaluate websites based on many different categories. But the more links that go back to your client’s website, the stronger a website is to the search engine.

Onsite optimisation helps search engines index and analyze your website to understand what it is about and how it relates to different search terms. Google crawls, or analyzes hundreds of billions sites per month. If your client’s website code is confusing or incomplete, Google will likely rank the website lower. Onsite optimisation also provides those who do visit your website with a good experience, or ensures they can find what they’re looking for.

Search engines constantly update their algorithms to imitate actual human behavior. This learned behavior helps it understand a website’s user-friendliness and popularity. So if a searcher likes a website’s content and has a good experience, they will stay longer, share, and sometimes link back to the website through posts on social media. This shows the search engine that users like what they find on the site.

Why Every Business in the UK Needs SEO

Think about what you do when you need an electrician to go to your house. Unless you have one in your family or living next door, you’re most likely going to pull out your phone and search for electricians in your area. After looking at a few of the top options and maybe their reviews, you’ll call and get a quote. That happens millions of times per day all over the world. But it’s not just home service companies that benefit from SEO. When people are ready to buy something or want to research a product or service, they go to Google and search for it. A business’s online presence is crucial because if prospective customers can’t find them, they’ll instead go to a competitor. It’s crucial for every business to compete for the top relevant Google searches. And it doesn’t matter if the business is a local shop or a multi-national corporation. They need to be found when people search for their particular service.

This is where SEO comes in, and specifically SEO for small businesses. Many small businesses wrongly feel like they can’t afford it. In the past, they have had to sacrifice either quality or price when they paid for SEO, but that’s not the case anymore. Because our SEO specialists have cracked the code on optimising websites at an affordable rate, you can now take advantage and become visible in your niche – whether you have a presentation website for your company or an online store to sell your products and services.

At Digital Shadow, we’re experts in optimising websites of all sizes and shapes. Our SEO team uses the latest strategies and follows the most up-to-date trends in order to deliver efficient and visible results.

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