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Why hire a Professional Web Designer?

Because, after all, you want your business to stand out.

Professional web design

We recently redesigned a website for a client which had clearly been created by an amateur. The site was full of problems and highlighted the fact that it’s always better to choose a professional web designer than a self-proclaimed “guru” offering a lower price. Sure, you might pay a little more money up front for a professional web designer, but you’ll save yourself a fortune in the long term, both in terms of cash and emotional energy.

Let’s face it: when it comes to web design, many amateurs don’t have a clue what they’re doing. There are all kinds of basic issues that they will often neglect to address, leaving you with some rather annoying and perfectly avoidable problems.

Malware Embedded In Free Website Builder Templates

The vast majority of amateur self-styled website builder gurus use templates. And while there’s nothing wrong in principle with using a template, most amateurs don’t have the skill to distinguish the good builders from the bad ones, leading to issues with malware. Malware, often embedded in the template code itself, can slow down your customers’ experience of your site and can be used to gain access to their personally identifiable information – not what you want. To avoid this, stick with professionals who build websites from the ground up, according to your specification.

Messy Code

Not all amateur web designers use website templates: some have the nerve to dabble in website code directly. Fancy themselves as professional HTML coders they may, but the result is likely to be a disaster. Coding is complicated at the best of times, and coding a bespoke website that not only looks good but has reliable features is even harder. Amateurs just can’t cut it. Only professionals have the diagnostic tools to do the job correctly.

Lack Of Attention To Detail?

When it comes to amateur website development, volume is the name of the game. Self-proclaimed gurus have to churn out dozens of sites per week to make money. And while this might be good business for amateur website developers, it’s unlikely to yield the results you want. With amateurs, you won’t get a bespoke design company site that will thrill customers.

No Long-Term Maintenance

User experience is key to successful website design. Professional web designers will offer long-term maintenance support to ensure that the quality of the user experience remains high. Amateurs won’t. A site built by an amateur might function adequately for a few months but will degrade over time without proper upkeep, causing you headaches in the future. Avoid at all costs.


Finally, to succeed in today’s digital marketplace, you need search engine optimisation built into your website. While professionals know how to create compelling H1 and H2 titles, meta tags, and picture descriptions to boost search engine rankings, many amateurs do not. Professional web designers can provide support to increase the visibility of your web pages so that you can build a mobile-friendly site that converts.

So, in conclusion, hiring a professional web developer to build design your website is a no-brainer. Do it to avoid disappointment.

At Digital Shadow, we’ve always coded our websites with the utmost care and elegance, using only the latest tools and following the most up-to-date design trends.

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