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Why Transition from a Push Marketing model to a Pull Marketing model?

What's the difference and why switch.

Push Marketing vs Pull Marketing tactic

Push marketing and pull marketing are two approaches to marketing that businesses can take. Traditionally, many companies have chosen a push model, but digital marketing has made a pull marketing model the logical option for tech SMEs everywhere.

For companies currently using a push marketing model, switching to pull marketing techniques can offer a number of benefits. Although push marketing can seem both more effective and affordable at first glance, pull marketing often offers the advantage for long-term marketing strategy. There are some excellent reasons to consider a switch to pull marketing.

What’s the Difference Between Push and Pull Marketing Models?

Push and pull marketing models are two approaches to marketing that have different benefits. These two marketing methods treat customers in different ways, aiming to influence them with differing techniques.

Push marketing involves taking a product to customers and putting it in front of them, whether they are looking for it or not. Push marketing methods include face-to-face sales, cold emails, and trade shows.

Pull marketing focuses on bringing the customer to the product and building demand so the customer is motivated to buy. Pull marketing methods include search engine optimisation (SEO), per-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media.

Why Transition from Push Marketing to Pull Marketing?

If your tech company is currently focusing on using a push marketing strategy, what reasons are there to switch to push marketing instead?

Push marketing can often appear to be the right choice at first. It can bring you quick results, and it’s usually cheaper in the short-term. These are excellent benefits, especially when you are just beginning to market a new product. Push marketing can be the right approach when first growing your brand. It helps to get your product out there and inform people about it, so they’re in a more knowledgeable position when speaking to potential suppliers.

However, a pull marketing model can be the better choice for long-term results. Focusing more on the customer, it helps to bring in customers who are already looking for your product. When the customer is looking for your product, they might come across the expert advice that your brand can offer, helping them to find the solution that they are looking for. As they interact with your brand, you will be able to find out more about them, collecting data and using remarketing to continue to target them.

Pull marketing helps to establish a brand that is linked to customer satisfaction and the value that your product delivers to customers. It assists with generating brand loyalty as customers are influenced over time by SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media and other pull marketing methods.

Your tech SME will likely find that a pull marketing approach contributes to the growth of your brand once it is established. Push marketing is often a sensible approach when first establishing your product because pull marketing is unlikely to be as effective at this stage. However, for long-term results, a pull marketing model is the approach that will create customer loyalty for your product.

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