Social Media Marketing

A full package of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimisation services to boost your brand awareness across all relevant social media channels.

Marketing your business in the relevant Social Media channels and networks is one of the most up-to-date and efficient ways to get your brand name, products and services promoted to a precisely targeted audience. And hiring the experts to properly do it for you is your best chance to set yourself apart from the competition.

We develop complex social media strategies, custom tailored to meet the needs of your specific business or organisation. Our Social Media Marketing experts have over a decade of experience with most, if not all, forms of online social media marketing. We can answer all your questions about social media in general and social media advertising.

Truly effective Social Media Marketing services require cutting edge solutions, and at Digital Shadow we implement the latest techniques and strategies, using the most modern tools. We uncover the latest methods of internet marketing, master them, and then offer those services to our clients.

Social Media Services for the Entire Spectrum of Businesses

We are your one stop shop for anything and everything Social Media related – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, Social Bookmarking, Digg, StumbleUpon, Wiki websites and Wikipedia, Technorati, various blogs, vlogs and weblogs, Social Networking and blogging, Social Media PR and Viral Marketing, Social Media Optimization for all social media platforms, tags and hashtags, Mobile Social Media, Guerilla Marketing as well as traditional networks such as forums and web directories, Video Media sites like Vimeo and Youtube, and a thousand more social media resources we could list. Feel free to browse through our services below and get your campaign started today.


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Social Media Marketing

We’re one of the few marketing companies experienced in Social Media Marketing. We’ve signed up for over 100 social networks. We’ll save you time and sign you up on the most important 14 networks that are likely to improve your search engine ranking and overall internet exposure. Social bookmarking can be tedious and requires advanced tech know-how, which we already have, so let us do this work for you.

We provide Facebook Marketing, correct account creation on the most important social media networks, perfectly optimised for searches within the network, social bookmark marketing, as well as blog marketing and blog creation with manual submissions to tens of high quality, high authority blog directories and RSS feed aggregators, to give your social media presence a brand awareness boost.

Facebook Marketing

Give your business a face on Facebook!

Facebook, the social networking website, became a must-have for any business that has an online presence. We will adapt your identity to be perfectly fit and optimised for Facebook (logo, imagery, contact details) and properly set up your company page. That is an essential step, as an incorrectly set up page will not provide any meaningful results and will not appear in searches. In addition, we will walk you through the ins and outs of Facebook and help you to start marketing on Facebook today.

On top of that, we will connect your Facebook page with the company website, so that people visiting your website will be able to like & share it on Facebook. If you have a blog, we will expand its functionality so that readers will be able to comment and interact with your posts using their own Facebook accounts. And if you don’t, we can create one for you!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is experiencing rapid growth. Are you taking advantage of one of the most popular social media networks? We will create a customized, properly set up and highly optimised Instagram presence for your business.

Begin your Instagram marketing campaign with the help of the leading professional Instagram marketing agency. Custom Instagram layout elements design is often the first step in your campaign. Once your Instagram account is properly designed and set up, it’s time to increase your followers. We request targeted followers for you and increase your reach. The full Instagram marketing package includes account & page maintenance, finding followers in your target market/demographic, viral images creation and promotion, create keyword rich content with properly used hashtags, and connecting it with your website.

LinkedIn Marketing

If you are a B2B and your company is looking for a more business-y or corporate type of audience, LinkedIn may be the perfect social media network to start hunting for leads.

The full LinkedIn marketing package includes account and business page creation and constant maintenance, finding followers in your target market, which will be defined with laser precision, group creation and promotion, highly optimised content for SEO ranking, as well as posting articles, bulletings and blog posts from your website. The entire content of the marketing campaign will be carefully crafted, with catchy titles and properly used #hashtags embedded within the content, while the account and page will have a custom design based on your identity. We will cross-market the posts from and to other social media networks and most importantly – your own website in order to maximise reach, increase traffic and use LinkedIn to the fullest.

Google Business & SEM

Ever wondered how some businesses are easier to find on Google and they appear first in searches? We are specialists in what is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, that is optimising your business (your company’s website or online shop, the entire array of social media channels and more) to make sure it is as visible as possible in search engines, Google Maps and other related Google tools.

Contact us to discuss your Google SEO campaign.

Blog & Content Marketing

Your competitors are blogging — are you? If you are looking to spread the word and get targeted visitors on your website through your blog, then get started on your blog marketing campaign today!

Do you have a website? Great. We will then expand its structure and content with a customised blog design. And if you don’t, don’t worry — we can design one for you. After your blog is properly set up and filled with content rich posts and articles, we will start market it to the right niches. Optionally, if you have some time to spare and you’d like to manage the blog yourself, we teach you how to blog effectively and provide you with a list of do’s and dont’s to start blogging.

We’ll make it easy for you. There is no need to be tech savvy.

Our happy clients can vouch for us

Over more than a decade, we have delivered an impressive number of successful social media marketing campaigns, promotions and projects – being at the forefront of Social Media Marketing from day one, we promoted clients on MySpace and YouTube when SMM wasn’t even a thing yet, and we have seen all networks, big and small, being born, growing and evolving. And now we have the correct know-how, 15 years of experience and the proper tools to put your business in the right spot, where it can fully benefit from the advantages of online social interaction.

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