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Your website is the most important place online where customers are interacting with your business – and it needs to be top-notch; it is, after all, the very essence of your company's image that you project. Our highly creative team of web designers offers that and much more. It’s time to get serious about delivering the information your clients need, when and how they need it.
An effective SEO strategy combines a wide range of services so that your site will rank higher, get more traffic and deliver conversions. Using specific keywords and phrases, we can build a SEO strategy that ensures results. Think of it as having a lemonade stand in a neighborhood where nobody knows about it. Add SEO, and your lemonade stand is on the busiest street in the city with thousands of people seeing it every day.
We are experts in developing email marketing solutions fit for your business' needs. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible results when it comes to engaging potential customers through email campaigns, social media advertising and online marketing strategies.
With great attention to detail, we work closely with clients in designing and refining logos to provide an easily recognizable and memorable corporate identity.
If someone was to survey your customers, what do you imagine they would identify your brand with today?
If your brand was a person, what sort of person would they be? What clothes would they wear, what interests would they have?
Everything we do contains a bit of a secret ingredient which makes us unique among all other web design and email marketing agencies. You can sense its presence in the way we do things, in the visual interface of our websites, in the coding itself. Even in the clients we work with. And this magic ingredient makes all the difference in the products and services we deliver. Do you want to know what that is? Well, hire us and find out!

Things we can do for you

We provide a complete package of strategies and solutions, custom-tailored with the sole purpose of taking your business to the peak of its potential. We use the latest methods and approaches in the field, always being one step forward in implementing them for your company’s needs.

SEO strategy

An effective SEO strategy combines a wide range of services and offers the best results. Using specific keywords and phrases, digital agencies can build an SEO strategy that ensures results. Your site will rank higher, it will see more “hits” and you could see more conversions as a result. Think of it as having a lemonade stand in an empty neighborhood where nobody knows about it. Then, add SEO, and your lemonade stand is on the busiest street in the city with thousands of people seeing it every day.

Content creation

A good digital agency will create award winning copy for your site that not only tells a story, but delivers a much-needed SEO boost. Keywords will be placed strategically throughout the content that will make your posts easier to find by the search engines and your customers. If instead of writing home painter, I wrote UK home painter, or more locally, Wiltshire home painter, throughout a post about home painters, customers seeking home painting services will find your post first and could click on your site.

Another way digital agencies can help your business succeed online is through adding clickable links throughout your website, marketing material and blog posts. These clickable links make it easy for potential customers to reach your site or a specific landing page. They will usually be highlighted so the customer will recognise them easier.

Ads that deliver

We are experts in developing the most effective advertising solutions over those platforms and channels that suit your business the most. We have successfully created and managed Facebook Ads, LinkedIn campaigns and Google AdWords, delivering the most efficient results with cost-effective solutions that keep your budget healthy.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • LinkedIn Ads

Recent happy clients that recommend us

Paul Cutter, PTC360 Solutions

The people at Digital Shadow made us the most amazing website and took us to a whole new level up in the online presence. We highly recommend them!

Richard Atkinson
Sales & Marketing Director

Fantastic job on all levels: completely revamped our website, took us to the first page of Google and launched an artillery of email & social media campaigns that got us new customers.

Darren Kirwan
Darren Kirwan, Midas Communications
Managing Director

The design process with Digital Shadow was very simple and a lot of fun – we are delighted with the results.