What makes a good SEO strategy for small businesses?

Ah, good ol’ SEO. Everyone is talking about it, but how many really know what this is really all about? In our many years of experience we came across many struggling business trying to make their way up on the almighty Google’s result pages. Reports say that the majority of consumers are drawn to the top-ranked searches when looking for products online while overlooking smaller businesses.

Have you heard the myth about the existence of a second Google page?

A new report by the Australia Institute, based on a survey of 1,084 people in July 2016, reveals that 46% of respondents say the order in which search results appear is important and always influences their purchasing decisions.

So what really makes a good SEO strategy for small businesses?

There are many small steps that can make a huge difference in terms of SERP rankings, but unfortunately, these factors are constantly overlooked. Having a strategy in place to keep track of what matters most is the best way to start your SEO quest.

So what are your SEO struggles? Which hacks or tools are you using to save time on laborious tasks?

Small business owner? SEO struggles? Let’s see.

You may have heard of keywords – the core of a good SEO strategy. You wouldn’t start SEO without a good keyword research now, would you?

It may seem frustrating at a first glance but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The major struggle with keyword research is how time-consuming it is and you may not always get the result you hoped for.

Panic not! There are plenty of keyword suggestion tools out there and the good news is that many of them are free. For example, the very friendly Google Keyword Planner. These tools can be quite helpful if you’re searching for generic keyword ideas.

Now, the catch is that you need to rewrite all those keywords so that they include everything you want to put out there. This is why the Word Combination tool in Rank Tracker is something you should consider using. This is just a small part of a good SEO planning. My advice is to first learn as much as you can about SEO best practices and create your own long-term strategy.

How would you go about your SEO strategy? Is hiring an agency the answer?

Looking forward to your questions and thoughts in the comments below!

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