Linkedin​ ​Allows​ ​You​ ​to​ ​Put​ ​a​ ​Personal​ ​Touch ​on​ ​the​ ​Professional

LinkedIn Allows You to Put a Personal Touch on the Professional

Over the course of 15 years, Linkedin has risen from small startup to a company at the forefront of business marketing. It’s no secret that anyone looking to get ahead in a competitive industry needs a personal LinkedIn account. The site gives freelancers, small business owners and employees the opportunity to market themselves directly to clients, partners and potential collaborators. But people are only now really starting to wake up to the opportunities LinkedIn can provide. Business accounts are on the rise, and the site is quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of promotion for small companies. Many people are turning to LinkedIn to get the most out of their marketing, but it takes a real pro to push the platform as far as it can go. Like most marketing, activity on LinkedIn can be divided into two categories: passive and active.

Passive use relies on little more than setting up an account, and ensuring it remains updated.

You can rely on the site’s search features to draw interested parties to your account, and LinkedIn accounts have become par for the course when it comes to business networking. All these features are valuable, and don’t cost a penny. But they can only push you and your company so far.

How​ ​Can​ ​a​ ​Small​ ​Business​ ​Get​ ​the​ ​Most​ ​Out​ ​of​ ​Linkedin?

The key to success with LinkedIn lies in making the most of the active marketing opportunities available. Like any networking site, LinkedIn thrives on fresh material. People may be able to find your company with ease, but once they’ve checked your profile, how do you ensure that you stay on their radar in the future?

There are a number of options. Networking with other businesses in your field is a good choice. You may not be directly drawing in new customers, but you’ll benefit from group discussions and, if you know your stuff, will be able to make a reputation for yourself as a company with a thorough understanding of your field.

You can always opt to pay for LinkedIn advertising. There are obvious benefits to raising your visibility in this way, but the problem is, it leaves little room to really articulate what your business is about. You may pull in a few more clicks, but without good content to back it up, you’re unlikely to grab the attention of potential customers.

Tailored​ ​Content:​ ​A​ ​Showcase​ ​for​ ​Your​ ​Unique​ ​Selling​ ​Points

If you really want to build a dynamic LinkedIn profile that keeps people interested, you need to focus on regular content creation. Reports, status updates and blog posts all help show the world that your business is moving forward, achieving goals and steadily growing. Perhaps more importantly, the right content can become a showcase for your company, demonstrating what differentiates you from your competitors.

At Digital Shadow, we provide companies with original content that highlights their unique selling points. Case studies give prospective clients an inside view of how your business functions, and let you demonstrate expertise in your field. Regular updates and blog posts help you maintain visibility in a competitive market; on top of that, they provide you with an opportunity to present a face to the world, and be more than just a collection of products. And at the end of the day, that’s what LinkedIn does better than any of its competitors.

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