Does your website say more about where you are coming from than where you are going?
Does your website say more about where you are coming from than where you are going?

n the past 15 or so years, a company’s website has gone from being a technological novelty, to becoming a crucial online representation of their bricks-and-mortar storefront. The influence every aspect of your site has on potential customers cannot be underestimated, and businesses have come to regard their site content as an ongoing, up-to-date representation of themselves.

Consider the effect of walking past the same high-street shop windows every day for a year. How do you view a shop with a constantly changing display, rotating stock, and informative messages that stay relevant? And what do you think when you see a shop displaying the same sun-faded products, the same outdated banners from months ago, day in and day out?

Your website is exactly the same. Without regular new content, even the best of businesses can appear lacklustre and at a stand-still. Use of effective inbound marketing techniques gives your customers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your brand, and gives you the opportunity build a presence as a dynamic, forward-thinking company.

Studies have consistently shown the value of fresh, accessible content. 68% of online buyers will spend considerable time reading content published by a brand they are interested in. That means a majority of your customers are willing to invest time in your brand, if you provide them with the right opportunities.

And you don’t need reams and reams of copy to see the results. A mere one or two blog pieces per month can generate up to 70% more leads for your business.

Consumers, young people especially, value a site that uses tailored content to outline its brand and products, instead of resorting to direct advertisements. More than anything else, a body of relevant, up-to-date content reflects a company with an eye to the future, rather than a reliance on previous successes.

By cultivating interest in your brand organically, you become more than simply a collection of products; you become familiar to potential customers as a company with a past, present and future. Quality site content demonstrates a reliability, and an awareness of your brand and product, that extends beyond simple profit-making. It shows a respect for your customers, and a willingness to inform them rather than pushing your products on them.

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